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Lenovo, you let me down.

I've been using Lenovo laptops since before I even knew what a laptop really was. They always worked, and whenever I had a problem their customer support was there. Welp..... that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I bought a Lenovo Yoga 2 13 in early 2015 which I loved for the first few months, but as time passed so did my hype for the laptop. Screws would just fall out, the touch screen feedback was delayed and ports ceased to work. I know what you all are thinking, what do you do with your laptop? First off, viruses and malware weren’t the culprit as I installed multiple new instances of Windows 10 and updated the driver to find that nothing has changed. Updating USB drivers and changing cables didn’t fix the problem. It just seemed to be the shoddy build quality.

So I contacted Lenovo just last month, and they assured me nothing could be done as my warranty had expired. I talked to them and said “Listen up, I’ve sent this laptop in three times already for all the same problems and nothing has been working for over a couple of months.” They assured me that my problem would be fixed and they “bumped” my ticket to high priority. Not only did I call them back after five days, wondering when I would be contacted, but I was talked down to as if I were a child. “The ticket says 3-5 business days” the lady told me. So here we are on Tuesday the 16th. I just got a call from management saying, “Hello Sir, I'm sorry but we cannot repair your laptop as it is not under warranty”. I heard a click as he hung up the phone. Effectively, they wasted hours of my time. Now, I’m stuck with a product that does not work properly.

What happened to the days when companies produced a quality product they stood behind? These companies surely have enough money to help out a customer who has had a bad experience, right? Wrong. They believe they are surely too massive to have to worry about the single customers, as they're already filling order after order for laptops. I do not agree. Even the small business I run out of the at my parents' house knows that this is not true. I have taken my fair share of profit losses to help out a customer and give them the experience they desire, not because they are upset with me or won’t stop bothering me, but because it's the right thing to do.

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