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Jonathan Zuramski

It all started with a disposable camera.  As a kid, I used to snap pictures of my crazy family, and it grew into a passion.   After years of working with professinal photographers and imersing myself in the craft, I have reched my goal; to take pictures that would captivate people. The photo in the background is one that I have loved ever since I shot it. The colors, the vibrance, the way the light bounced off of the shimmering glass...everything about it. I want to help you bring your stories to life through the images I take.

Helping Small Businesses and Sole-Proprietors with cost-effective technology solutions


Another great passion of mine is technology.  I offer a wide variety of computer services to help people leverage technology to make their lives easier. I've always been fascinated with computers. At 6 years old I would walk down into my basement every Saturday morning and load up the dial-up internet.  I learned how the computers worked by spending my time taking them apart and putting them back together.  I have built workstations for students in engineering courses at Penn State, a workstation for Ann’s Garden Florist and for a designer for kitchen and 3D design.  During these efforts I learned small businesses were challenged with obtaining Website Design and Support; Desktop, Office and Email Support as well as creative Brand Design. I have developed creative solutions and will work together with you and help you solve all your computer needs.



"I want to help you bring your stories to life through the images I take."

Jonnie Zuramski taking a photo
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Location:   Maryland

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